Why Should You Choose ALFA Insurance Brokers in Ontario?

Your Best Interests in Mind

For over 30 years, ALFA Insurance Brokers have had your best interests in mind when it comes to finding the right insurance coverage for individuals and businesses in Hamilton, Ontario. Here are but a few of the many reasons why it’s sometimes better to use an insurance broker than a traditional insurance company:

More Choices

A traditional insurance agent does business with only one insurance company, whereas an insurance broker can offer you insurance products from multiple insurance companies so you have more choices available.

More Savings

People usually ask if it’s more expensive to go through an independent insurance broker than a traditional agent, but the truth is we can actually save you money. Because we have already established relationships with the many providers we go through, it makes it easier for us to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best coverage at the best value for your specific needs.

More Knowledge

Shopping around for insurance can be confusing largely due to unfamiliar jargon and the amount of variance that can occur from policy to policy. Most insurance agents are only capable of providing general advice, whereas an insurance broker has completed extensive training and is experienced and licensed to provide you with knowledgeable advice about a wide variety of products. We really know what we’re talking about and would be more than happy to share our knowledge with you!

More Personalization

Most traditional insurance agents will give you your options and then leave it up to you to determine which coverage is best. Because an insurance broker will actually analyze the type of business you’re in to determine what type of policy is right for your needs, we offer personalized customer service that you can’t find elsewhere. Please contact ALFA Insurance Brokers to request a free, no-obligation quote today!

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